Food Truck

In Mud Puddle City things have gotten boring, the monsters have lost the joy of eating because there are no new dishes to discover. The streets are empty and the spirits are on the ground, they have only heard that in other cities something new has emerged. They say that on four big wheels something delicious moves and from corner to corner everyone waits for it to arrive.

Today's the big day! Everyone feels the excitement because it is known that the long-awaited moment has finally arrived, Monster Food Truck is here.

Become the owner of your own business. Take your food truck through different places throughout the city selling a wide variety of dishes with peculiar recipes serving all kinds of customers. Be careful, they better not get angry. Accumulate money and stars that can later be used to unlock more menu options and get special wild cards that will help you overcome complicated levels.

Monster Food truck is a simple time management cooking game. You have to take the order, follow the recipe to prepare the dishes, and deliver it before the time and the customers' patience runs out. If you collect the required amount of money, you will pass the level and if not, you will have to start the route again. How far do you think you can go?

The game consists of 10 levels, but each level has different places to park to sell so there is an almost infinite number of different routes. Each route has different types of customers, menu options, and difficulties. It is definitely not easy, for this reason, you can also play some mini-games to get special wild cards that will be very helpful to achieve the goal. These mini games will test your skill and test your knowledge of customers and your products. The more you play, the more clients, menu options, and skills you will unlock.

MFT is free to play and requires no actual purchases. All the money used is Monster Dollars M$ and unfortunately, it is only valid in Mud Puddle City
MFT displays advertising
MFT does not request or collect any personal information
MFT can be addictive and extremely fun, discretion is advised
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