Cham Blocks

The creators of Cham's Escape bring to you the new color puzzle game that will catch you.

Help Cham - the chameleon - to eat all the food to complete the level. It sounds easy, right? And what do you think if we tell you that Cham must be the same color as the food to be able to eat it? We still do not convince you? Well, we have other crazy rules, like Cham must eat a sock to change color, you have a limited number of turns to complete the level, and there are all kinds of strange devices like teleports, bounce blocks, hammers, and mobile blocks... not to mention that there are also flies, spiders, scorpions and more ... believe us, it is not easy.

Come and try to take Cham out of 200 levels that will test your logic, patience and your chameleon skills.

The rules:

-Move Cham to eat all the food
-Cham has to be the same color as the food in order to eat it
-In order to change of color, Cham must eat the color socks
-Cham must eat all the food before he runs out of turns

Warning: this game can develop addictions and long episodes of fun.



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