Run - Eat - Escape

Cham's Escape

This is the typical story where a Chameleon needs to eat socks to be able to change color. He usually steals the socks from drawers, laundry baskets and especially from the washer. During a thunderstorm, he was trapped by a teleport in a washing machine and suddenly appears in the city sewers. Now, Cham needs to find food, needs to run, needs to push and punch, needs to escape! Help him on his journey through 15 cities around the world, solving 300 puzzles that will test not only your ability but also your logic and strategy. Come and join the hundreds of players that are trying to help Cham to escape. Do you think it is easy? Come and try, I dare you!

Meet Cham

Meet Cham

A charming chameleon with several personalities and who loves to eat colorful socks

Cham Escape Enemies

Beware of the enemies

Escape, fight and try defeat several different enemies that you will find during your journey

Cham's Scape Stars

Levels loaded of challenges

• Play trough 300 challenging levels earning up to 1170 stars (and more to come)
• 9 different kind of challenges 

Elements Cham's Scape

And more...

• Classic fun game style
• 2 different joystick sensitivities 
• Socks, traps, cannons, fruits, colored buttons, poisoned food, zombies, teleports ... did we mention fun?



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