Super! Agenda

Now you can turn your agenda into a Super Agenda! With this App you can register the greatest moments of your life in your personal comic. Mark important dates and keep nice memories in this Agenda / Diary that both adults and children can enjoy. It's time for you to become a super hero and make everything Super!

Super Agenda is a tool that will allow parents and children to record in a graphic and fun way the activities, tasks and important dates, helping to understand the management of time and dates as well as create the habit of the organization, punctuality and responsibility in the little ones.


- You can create your own avatar and give it its super powers!
-Use your photos, draw, use decals and icons to tell what happened the day.
-Tool to monitor dates, so you know how many days are missing for that party or that trip you're waiting for.
-Publish your day's comic on Facebook, Twitter or send it by mail to your family and friends.




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